Turnstiles & Enola Gay


Delighted to announce that Turnstiles returns Mike the Pies on Friday 19th November 2021 with the sensational debut of Enola Gay.  A night you don’t want to miss

Turnstiles are a 5 piece post punk band from Galway City. The band members include Callum Mitchell, Colm Sweeney, Luke Mulliez, Jake Tiernan and Cillian Ryan. There influences are Bob Dylan, the Pixies, Stones Roses to Girl Band. There first single “Moving Forward / Wasting Away” released in 2019. When Covid hit they released two single,  “I.D.C” and “Same Old Stories”. Turnstiles new EP is out now.

Enola Gay are a rock/post-punk band from Belfast, The band lacerate sharp guitar lines through a rumbling bass to create a thrilling and unnerving intense sound. The verses revolve around the rooted bassline while wailing on guitar occasionally pines throughout.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • 19th November 2021 9:00 pm   -   12:00 am
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